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Hello, My name is Ryan

I like to play with technology, share occasional ramblings in up to 140 characters, attempting to be a photograher and making stuff. Feel free to say hi

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One garden path built
1 day ago
@Laneohh BBQ?
1 week ago
@smorris that's wishful thinking....
2 weeks ago
Did it rain last night? ;)
2 weeks ago

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Suzuki Grand Vitara (2005+) Intermittent Engine Warning Light

Recently I had an intermittent issue with my Suzuki Grand Vitara, every now and so often I would get the engine management warning light staying on when I started up the car.  There was no obvious issues and everything ran as per normal.  Restarting the engine cleared...

Hilarious Squirrel Photography

An interesting find from my internet travels, a photographer called Max Ellis (Website), who has taken to taking some creative photos with the squirrels that visit his garden.  He stages the photos with fishing line and only uses the bare amount of Photoshop required...

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